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Explore the NSW South Coast by Seaplane!

What happens if the weather is bad?

Bad weather (or poor conditions on the water) may result in your flight being delayed or cancelled.  If this happens you can choose a full refund, or we will do our best to reschedule your flight at a convenient time.

Will I be next to a window?

Yes – all the passenger seats in our aircraft are window seats.

Can children go?

Yes.  As safety is our number one priority children need to be able to swim, and those under 12 should be accompanied by a responsible adult.  We need a minimum two adult fares to establish a flight, but with two adults a child can fly for 40% of the adult fare if space is available – call our friendly staff for more information.

Will my feet get wet?

No.  We board from a river beach using a gangway which will deliver you from the sand right on to the aircraft.  We do have to walk on the sand though so sensible foot wear is a good idea (and none at all is fine!)

Is it noisy in the plane?

Not particularly: we use state-of-the-art noise cancelling headsets which keep things nice and quiet, and will allow you to talk amongst yourselves and to the pilot.

Will it be cold in the plane?

No – the aircraft has a heater, and you can always ask the pilot to turn it on if it’s a bit on the chilly side.

Do you always take off and land on the water?

Yes – our aircraft are not amphibious.  We’re lucky that the Eurobodalla is the ‘Land of Many Waters’, which also means many runways!

What if I start feeling queasy?

Some people do get motion sickness in aircraft, and it can depend a lot on the conditions on the day.  If you are prone to motion sickness make sure you let the staff and the pilot know, as there’s quite a few things we can do to make the experience more comfortable.