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Explore the NSW South Coast by Seaplane!

It’s on again folks!

Narooma Oyster Festival

The fabulous Narooma Oyster Festival is back on agin this weekend, May 6-7.

We’re going to be flying on Saturday again from the Quarterdeck…with a completely revamped menu.

And we have a special….a stunning flight around Montague Island for two followed by a cocktail each at the famous Tiki Bar – all for $499

Fly the Island with Cocktails!

Welcome to South Coast Seaplanes

There is nothing quite like the experience of gracefully speeding across the water and slipping into the sky – and that’s all before you take in the views.   With incredible unspoilt beaches on one side of the aircraft, and stunning mountain views on the other, we can take you on a journey you will never forget.


seaplane family review

“My family and i had the priveledge to have had a scenic tour of the beautiful south coast by means of south coast seaplanes and recommend it for everyone to have a go it was spectacular views and so much fun ….thankyou


See the NSW South Coast from a perspective you’ve never imagined

Choose between a location or package listed, or give us a call to design your own special adventure.   A scenic flight in a beautiful seaplane is the ultimate special occasion gift for all ages.

South Coast Seaplanes operated from Moruya, Nowra and Narooma, right in the heart of Australia’s Oyster Coast.

Request a private flights for special occasions such as, Weddings, Celebrations, Business Opening Days, Events and much more.

Give us a call on 1300 359 356 – come and try the sky!

NSW seaplanes

NSW seaplanes nothing like it

Australia's Oyster Coast