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Gain your FLP Endorsement with South Coast Seaplanes

Flying float planes offers an amazing sense of freedom and adventure, which South Coast Seaplanes can help you discover.  Eurobodalla means ‘the Land of Many Waters’  – or lots of of lakes and rivers to discover while you learn to master the nuances of float flying.

We offer initial training for the Floatplane (FLP) design feature endorsements, and also refresher training for those who did the endorsement a while back but haven’t had the opportunity to build float time since.

Our Aircraft

Our Maule M5 and M7 aircraft are an ideal platform for both the beginner and the more experienced float pilot, with exceptional performance on and off the water, and the capability to operate in confined areas.  We take a practical approach to float training, and like to integrate into the endorsement program real world experience of our commercial float operations.

Once you have attained the FLP endorsement, SCS is also able to offer ICUS so you can gain the experience to be able to hire a seaplane and take it yourself, and build the experience that can lead to a career in float flying.

The FLP syllabus can be completed over two to three days (although we recommend a more gradual program) and consists of a minimum of 7 hours flight time and 5 hours of ground school.  The issue of the FLP is based upon performance, so we cannot guarantee that the endorsement will be issued in this time frame.  However, in our experience a reasonably proficient private pilot can obtain the skills necessary for the endorsement in this time.  Should further training be required, we can work with you to design a program to achieve your goals.

The FLP Syllabus

The basic FLP syllabus covers:

  • General overview of seaplane operations
  • Regulatory considerations and equipment requirements
  • Pre- and post-flight inspections
  • Rough water operations
  • Glassy water operations
  • Confined water operations
  • Idle, plough, and step taxiing and turning
  • Sailing
  • Docking, anchoring, beaching and mooring
  • Dockside aircraft and passenger handling
  • Emergency operations
  • Introduction to commercial operations
  • Basic seaplane maintenance

Please call on 1300 359 356 to discuss – we can tailor a program that works for you.  We can also help with accommodation and other logistics, and make your experience attaining the FLP endorsement unforgettable.

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